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"...What does it mean?"

“What’s that supposed to be?”  “What does it mean?”

I hear questions like this often when people see my designs.  I don’t really like telling what my designs mean to me;  I think it’s best when to have your own personal connection to a piece of artwork.  If that interpretation, meaning or connection is different from mine or anyone else’s, I think that’s a good thing.  That said, I’m not going to provide descriptions or write-ups for my work, but I do want to go into a little detail about the Breaker Bot brand and its meaning.  I think some people can relate to it, sadly enough.

So here we go.  Breaker Bot.  “What does it mean?”  In short, it’s the part of us that only knows how to ruin, break and destroy.  The part of us that finds a problem in a good relationship and wrecks it.  The part that says the wrong thing at the wrong time, when we could easily say nothing at all.  The part that tests boundaries when there’s no reason to.  It makes us say “Sometimes I can’t help myself” and “I don’t know why I did that.”  Like a program running underneath our everyday thoughts.  A bot that only knows how to break things.  A Breaker Bot.