Four Portraits in Four Days

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I've been putting a ton of effort into painting recently which has resulted in some noticeable progress.  So over the weekend I asked myself: "What if I only focus on health and artwork this week?"  A normal week for me would have a TON of gaming, very little artwork, and zero working out.  I have several goals I'm working towards and while I still plan on getting some gaming in (day 5 is reserved for a little Magic the Gathering), I want to make the shift away from being a gamer and towards being an artist.

So here's what I worked on this week!

Happy Birthday Cara!

Happy Birthday Cara


Milk... Bath?  I think.

Breaker Bot Milk Bath


Ashley Clements - Sona

Breaker Bot Ashley Clements Sona

Distinguished Turtleneck

Breaker Bot Distinguished Turtleneck

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